Best Wagons for Kids of 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Do you remember being a kid and riding in the wagon? If you’ve experienced such a thing, then the sweet memories will have you smile with nostalgia. We believe a childhood simply isn’t complete without a wagon.

While the whole idea of getting a wagon for that special kid in your life sounds great at first, it can get downright confusing on what wagon you should get in the first place.

Like many things in life, wagons come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, styles and price ranges.

Our goal is to bring the best information we can about kids wagons here for your review. We hope this information will not only lead to an enjoyable experience for your child with their new wagon, but a safe one.

Before You Choose Your Wagon

Before you decide to jump in and start choosing the perfect wagon, consider these things:

  • What’s your budget? Pricing for kids’ wagons can range anywhere from as low as $60, all the way up to over $300 range. It would be best to figure out the price range you would like to stay in.
  • What are you using the wagon for? Are you going to use the wagon for your child, or children to sit in? Do you plan on using the wagon for other things, like groceries?
  • What’s the estimated weight the wagon will be pulling? You’ll want to make sure the wagon you choose is sturdy enough to carry the weight you intend on hauling around.
  • Where will you be using your wagon? Take into consideration the types of places you are going to be using your wagon. Is the wagon going over sidewalks, dirt, sand or grass? Not all wagons will be able to handle certain terrains.

Once you’ve narrowed down the options based on the above criteria, you’ve already getting it right on finding the best wagon for your kids.

No time to read the reviews? No worries.

After spending more than 20 hours of researching and finding the best wagons based on ratings and reviews, the below is our heartiest recommendations.

If you’re looking to custom build a sturdy wagon with different configuration settings, then go for the Radio Flyer Personalized Steel and Wood Wagon. The cost is slightly higher since it is highly configurable according to your needs, but you’ll get what you want.

You know the older kids play a little rough and like to pull over different terrains, go for the All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon. This is the best seller and has very good ratings.

Go for Ultimate Comfort Wagon if you want ultra-comfort riding with 5 different set-ups to accomodate your needs whenever you like. It offers a hefty amount of features for a great price.

If you just need a classic wagon under $100, the Big Red Classic ATW is a good choice.

In the following page, let’s go over some of the features based on different price ranges – under $100 to over $200.

All-Terrain Wagons Over $200

When considering a wagon in the $200+ price range, you’ll find that you get better features and quality as opposed to cheaper models. Depending on your personal budget, you can expect the wagon you choose to have some (or all) of the following features:

  • Large wheels to provide a smoother ride over rugged terrain
  • Removable canopy to shield the sun
  • Padding for passenger comfort
  • Sturdy, more durable wagon frame
  • Additional storage for snacks, toys, drinks, etc.
  • More “stylish” and modern designs
  • The ability to customize and rearrange components
  • Higher weight capacity

A more expensive wagon will usually be more comfortable, longer lasting and easier to use on all types of terrain. You’ll also notice that higher end wagons will usually have better build quality to withstand rugged terrain. The sturdy body frame and the wheels are the key features to sustain longevity.

Usage of a wagon priced $200 or more will be smoother for the kids, and easier on you. You should consider the benefits of investing more into a higher quality wagon, especially if you plan on using it often. Who knows, your wagon may be in good enough shape to pass on to someone else who needs it down when you’ve gotten your full use out of it.

The all-terrain wagons you’ll find in the $200+ price range offer the ultimate convenience when it comes to build quality and seating space. You’ll most likely never have to worry about it breaking on you or the wheels becoming damaged.

We all know Radio Flyer builds high quality wagons for 100 years. What you may not know is the new comer, Hauck Eco, catches up with a sporty wagon that includes locking brake.

Click here to find out more.

There are times when you only need a wagon in the mid-range price. Let’s go over some of the key features under $200.

Best Kids’ Wagons Under $200

If you would prefer to keep your wagon budget under $200, you would be glad to know there are actually a ton of great and reliable options out there for you to choose from. Because you are under the $200+ price range, you’ll likely notice these wagons are not as “accessorized” as the higher end wagons we just covered.

However, you can still get a decent array of features which may include:

  • Large wheels to endure rough terrain
  • Removable sun canopy
  • Cup holders
  • A handle that folds under wagon for storage

Of course, it depends on the wagon you choose on whether or not you get some of these features. In fact, there are a few wagons available for under $200 that seemingly have the same features as older wagons. The trade-off is usually in quality and the material the wagon is made of.

You’ll notice that more often cheaper wagons are made of plastic material rather than wood and metal, though there are wooden/metal wagons in this price range. In this regard, a wagon that you buy for less than $200 may not last as long or won’t operate as smooth as many higher end options. However, if it is well taken of, it can last for many years.

The under $200 price range for a wagon is perfect if you’re looking for something with complete wagon functionality, but you also want great quality. Though most of the more luxurious accessories don’t come with these wagons, not everyone is necessarily looking to have all of these perks in the first place.

You’ll definitely find the one you like. Click here to find out more.

In the next section, we’ll discuss why you need a folding wagon.

Collapsible Folding Wagons with Canopy Under $200

For some families, the solid stationary wagon isn’t the best choice. If you’re looking for something that is more portable and easy to carry when on the go, then you should definitely consider a collapsible folding wagon. We’ll be going over what you can find in this category for under $200.

Some features you should expect to receive with one of these wagons include:

  • Easy to fold and store out of the way
  • Cup holders
  • Sun canopy for UV protection
  • Seat belts

What these foldable wagons don’t have in terms of extra features and accessories is made up for in a whole lot of convenience. You would also think that you could only find a good collapsible wagon for only high price tags. This is not the case; and even later on we’ll be going over these types of wagons in the less than $100 price range.

Don’t rely on one of these wagons to be reliable when it comes to traveling over sand, dirt, and gravel. Because they were made to be lightweight, the wheels are not going to be the sturdiest and definitely not too big (although some are designed with bigger wheels).

Think about if the convenience of one of these wagons is worth having a little less luxury. One of the most common reasons why a foldable wagon would be a better choice is if you happen to not have a permanent living space situated. You might also not have too much room in your trunk for storage. This is where a collapsible folding wagon would come in handy.

Or you need to carry tons of picnic gear to the beach; a collapsible folding wagon is the best option. We’ve shortlisted 8 of the best beach wagons for your selection, check it out.

There are 2 folding wagons with canopy by Radio Flyer and Creative Outdoor Distributor, click here to view.

In the next section, we’ll cover the folding wagons under $100.

Collapsible Folding Wagons Under $100

Finding you and the kids a collapsible folding wagon is possible to do for under $100, you just got to look in the right places! We’re going to help you out by giving you our suggestions on the best wagons for kids in this price range. Anyways, you made it this far – you might as well see what other options you have in the market.

When you choose one of these wagons, you’ll be getting a limited amount of additional features when compared to many standard and all-terrain wagons. The most you should expect out of a collapsible folding wagon is its convenience, seat belts, and some cup holders. While it’s not the best, it can do more than enough when it comes to hauling around the kids or your belongings.

Just like with the collapsible folding wagons for under $200, these wagons are not going to be the best for riding over dirt or gravel. The wheels are typically smaller and will only work smoothly on flat surfaces such as the sidewalk or tile flooring.

That’s not to say that these wagons are not completely functional and of good quality. Since they are in a lower price range, you get less features. It only makes sense, right? As usual, take good care of it, your caring effort would reap many years of sweet memories.

Radio Flyer and Little Tikes take over the folding wagons without canopy under $100, click here to find out more.

The next section for wagons under $100 is the most affordable ones you can own, for it does what you basically need to pull the kids on sidewalk, around the yard and neighborhood.

Kids’ Wagons Under $100

If you’re looking for the most basic of wagons, then this list of best kids’ wagons under $100 is made just for you. While you’re not going to get all the best features, you can be sure there are high quality wagons available in this extremely affordable price range.

As one would expect, you aren’t going to get many amazing features from these wagons. While some offer more than others (it depends on what wagon you choose), most wagons in this price range will offer minimal features such as cup holders, a little bit of storage and seat belts.

Other than the features we just mentioned, there isn’t much to rave about when it comes to a cheaper wagon. After all, the most basic thing you are looking for in a wagon is that it can allow for you to safely pull your kids along wherever you need to go.

So you didn’t think you could get a good quality wagon for this cheap? Think again because there are a ton of options out there. From Radio Flyer to Step2 to Pacific Cycle Roadmaster, you’ll surely find one that fits the bill.

We’ll be going over 10 great wagons for kids you can own for under $100. Click here to find out more.

The Ultimate Wagons for Kids Buyer’s Guide

A kid’s wagon can bring loads of entertainment. Plus, it will keep your children busy for a long time. It can take up some space in your home, but look at it this way – you can also store a lot of other toys in it when it’s not in use. Children love to play with wagons. They sit in it and pretend play; they drag around other stuff in it. And most of the time, it’s even more fun to play with when there are more than two kids. This is also the best time for you to get your much-needed rest.

You can find kid’s wagons in a huge price range, some of them would cost a bit on the higher end but you’ll get a well build wagon that would last for many years. As you will be investing a good amount of money to get a wagon for your kids, it is best that you know all features that a wagon comes with and what you need to look out for. This way you will be making a good investment instead of wasting your money on something that you can’t get much use out of it.

As you have already read earlier, there are many different types of kid’s wagons available. These wagons vary from each other in many different aspects and price tags, so make sure you know about each factor and choose the ones that are most important to you. This way you will be able to find the best product suited for your children.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wagon

Below are some of the features you definitely need to be aware of when looking at different products.


No matter what product you are looking to buy, you always need to check the design first. Even with a kid’s wagon, you need to make sure that you pick a design that will be best for your kids to play with.

Some have classic design, some are quite modern with many new features and some are foldable. We know it can take up a lot of time to find and compare the different types of design available in the market. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll get the best wagon for years to come.

For the metal wagon, the design includes the undercarriage which is made of metal (the parts between the body and the wheels), body frame, and the handle for pulling.

The Undercarriage

The undercarriage comprises several metal pieces (usually made of steel). You will need to assemble them together with nuts and bolts to secure the wheels and the body. The undercarriage is the most important part and must be done right as it is used to withstand the weight of the children and for the wheels to maneuver when pulled on any surface.

Some models are designed with a maximum capacity of 150 lbs. and some can handle more weight. Check the specifications before making a buying decision.

However, the plastic wagons do not have the metal undercarriage. The bodies of the plastic wagons are fabricated with a whole piece of durable plastic. So you’ll have less to assemble if you choose plastic wagon.

Some plastic wagons even have doors for kids to enter and exit. They are generally for pulling around the neighborhood, yard and sidewalk. They are meant to use on smooth ground.

The Body Frame

The body frame consists of flatbed and the sides. For the metal wagon, the flatbed and the sides are either made of wood or steel. Depending on the models, some have removable wooden side panels.

Some metal wagons come with all-terrain wheels. You can use it on any terrain for on and off-road adventure. One good example is the Radio Flyer Steel & Wood Wagon.

As for the collapsible folding wagons, they’re usually come with durable fabric with expandable metal body frame (including the wheels) to enable maximum folding for easy storage and carry around.

Most of these wagons are already pre-assembled when shipped, so it’s easy on your part. As the design is quite simple, you just need to expand it and you’ll have a working folding wagon in minutes.

Even if you it needs to assemble the wheels, it’ll definitely take much lesser time than the metal wagon.

The Handle

The handle is normally designed to fold under the wagon. Depending on the models, it can be made of steel or plastic. The length of the handle is another important factor to consider. The longer the handle the easier to pull and steer and it will not put too much stress on the waist, especially for adults.

As for the shorter handle, the only advantage is the ability to steer in tight spaces.

If you’re buying the metal and wood wagon, ensure the handle is attached to the axle and not to the body. This makes steering a breeze and it will not tip when making a quick turn.

Some Factors to Consider

In case you have two or more children who are prone to fighting, get a wagon that comes with different seats so that each can take their own.

To get a timeless classic feel like it was in your time, you can get them one with a classic design. If you have small children, make sure you choose a wagon that has higher side panels so that they do not fall off at any point. Alternatively, if you opt for a plastic wagon, buy a wagon that comes with seatbelts.

Usually, wagons come in red color, but if you are looking for a different color, you will be able to find various options as well. For instance, choose blue wagon for boys and pink for girls.

All in all, make sure that the design suits your child’s age and preferences. Make sure that you shortlist one that you think your kids will like, and if possible let your children make the final decision.

Safety Features

Most wagons that you get nowadays come with a variety of safety features. As our children are becoming more destructive and are quite hyper as well, these safety features are a must. Plus, when the kids are playing outside and with the increase in the number of cars on the road, it is imperative to have these features so that your kids do not get hurt in any way.

Some of the safety features a kid’s wagon must include are as follows:

  • Seatbelt with buckle so that the small kids can safely strap themselves in. This reduces the chances of them tumbling out of the wagon and getting hurt.
  • The wheels are made in a way that they can safely be used indoors. There will be no scratches on the floor and no permanent damage to the carpet.
  • Proper construction. It needs to be made and bolted together properly so that there is no danger of the product falling apart.
  • The edges are smooth. This will ensure that the child does not get seriously injured in case they fall in the wagon or hit the side walls.
  • The handle is built in a way so that no one gets hurt while pulling it (long and no pivot).
  • A bumper is an additional feature you can look for, especially if you plan on using it indoors. That way you will be able to save your furniture from any serious damage.
  • A proper axel so that it makes the ride less bumpy, especially when moving it on a rough surface.


To get as much use out of a wagon, you need to make sure that it is versatile. This means that it should be able to serve at least more than one purpose, especially since you are buying it for a good amount of money. There are many models that you will find which offers this feature.

There are models that come with different seating and storage configurations, so your kids can simply play with the wagon and store stuff in it and also flip the seating for different purposes if there is a need. The Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon is an example.

There are some wagons that come with extra storage space. This allows you to keep food or drinkables in the wagon without the kids messing it up and take them out than needed.

Do you need a wagon with removable side panels?  There are models that are designed with this feature. You can remove the side panels and turn it into a utility wagon for hauling gardening tools and equipment.

You will also find wagons with removable canopy that can be taken out or put in according to your needs.  If your children plan on playing outside with the wagon and you live in a relatively sunny/hot area, it is best that you choose one with a canopy so that they can be shielded from direct sunlight.

If you are lucky enough, maybe you will be able to find a wagon that has all of the above features and more and provides you the best value for money in terms of versatility.

Types of Wheels

You will mostly find two types of wheels in a kid’s wagon: steel and pneumatic wheels. Both are highly different from each other and will serve better on different terrains.

During the winter season you may want to use the wagon inside the house, either for storage of toys or for decorating purpose. The best option is to choose a lightweight wagon with soft rubber wheels as they will not cause any dent in the carpet or leave any marks on the floor.

If your kids plan on using the wagon frequently on rough terrain or on the beach, it is best that you choose the all-terrain pneumatic wheels as they will not wear down so easily and also easy to roll on soft sand. The air-filled tires are wider and bigger and will do an excellent job to cushion hard bounces from uneven terrain. Obviously it can glide over soft sand without much effort as compared to smaller wheels.

On the other hand, if you have young kids or are looking for a smooth ride on pavement and sidewalks just around the neighborhood, it is good enough to go for the steel wheels with rubber tires. And they are cheaper than the pneumatic tires.

What Wagon to Buy?

Wagons are available in either plastic, wood or metal. All of these materials are highly durable and built to last for a long time, though a metal frame will last longer.

Metal Wagon

The trouble you will face with a metal wagon is that it may start to catch rust after some time and the scratches in the wagon will be quite evident. It is prone to rust and dent easily if not properly taken care of.

However, at the same time, the wagon is highly durable and robust and will not get damaged easily. It will also be best suited for children who like to play a little rough. Metal wagon is not suitable in area where it rains or snow a lot. And it does get hot under the sun as compared to wood and plastic.

Wood Wagon

Wood wagon looks nice and classic but is not suitable in areas where it rains or snow a lot because wood will easily warp and splinter if exposed to rain. In fact, it is more suitable in warm climate as wood will not easily get hot under the sun.

Plastic Wagon

Plastic is best suited for toddlers and small kids as it is a safe material and lighter than metal. It will not cause any injury (or at least keep to a minimum) in case they fall on it. Plastic wagons can be used in all kinds of weather because it won’t rust or get hot under the sun like metal wagon.

Since plastic is not as durable as the metal and wood, they are more suitable for pulling on sidewalks and smooth ground.

Do take note that it won’t last as long as the metal and wood wagons and can easily be damaged if there is an accident or if it falls.

Enhances Motor and Social Skills

A wagon can keep kids involved for a good amount of time. Not only that, but it is a great toy to use for developing motor and social skills. Usually, a wagon is used by two kids, and your child can end up making a friend for life if they plan on playing together. It will also teach them to take turns and share a toy.

As a child will be pulling the wagon and using it to sit in or play with by putting their stuff in it and pulling it around, it makes the wagon a perfect toy to help them develop motor skills.

Where to Buy The Wagon and Get The Best Deal?

You could check it out at your local toy stores or any large retailers like Target, Toys R Us or Wal-Mart. The advantage of going to these physical stores is to check and test it out the built quality before purchase. Nowadays, all these large retailers do have online stores. Sometimes you can also find good bargains at Wal-Mart depending on the promotion.

Majority of the buyers will compare prices with Amazon to get the best deal.

You can also purchase via the manufacturer’s website like,, and etc. But from personal experience, Amazon will provide the best bargain most of the times as compared to other online merchants, not to mention the customer support from them.

Final Thoughts

No matter which wagon you choose, you will be making the right choice as it is a toy that every child must have in their life at least once and enjoy it to the fullest. We hope that the guide has been helpful and will assist you in making the right choice. Thank you for reading this far!