Radio Flyer is a well-known brand for designing the best quality wagons and different types of ride-on toys for years. The brand is famous for bringing joy to children’s lives and smile on parents’ faces. The Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon (Model# 3181) is one of a kind and delivers excellent value for money.

The ratings and reviews are still on the rise, close to 1000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars.

This wagon is perfect for taking your kids on a ride, whether you have two, three, and even more children to take an adventurous trip.

It has a canopy design and the recommended age range is 18 months and older. This kid’s wagon is one of the best things to take with you on the go. Check It Out.

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon – Design and Features

The body is made up of heavy duty plastic and is sturdy enough to withstand daily rigors. The wagon is spacious enough to carry two to four kids easily as the design is very robust.

The Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon is one of the most versatile and comfortable toy wagons on the market with its patented five-way flip and the seats are foldable for multiple riding options.

The five-way flip and storage configurations are:

  1. Two children in seat comfortably and still have space for parent accessible storage.
  2. One child in seat and fold the other seat to create a tray table and a small storage area.
  3. One child in seat and fold the other seat to create a covered storage compartment.
  4. One child in seat and adjust the other seat to create an extra-large storage area.
  5. Clip both seats down to create a flatbed wagon.

Seat Pads

Each seat comes with a soft padded seat covers that are both removable and washable. The seat covers also come with 2 seatback pockets for storing items such as cell phones and snacks.

Seat Belt

Each seat is also equipped with a seat belt so that your child can sit in safely and comfortably.

The Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon comes with four drink holders and a drain hole. Two is located in the wagon and two is at the rear for the parents (outside the wagon).

Storage Bag

The expandable rear storage bag comes in handy for carrying extra stuff for the ride.

The Selling Points

As a matter of fact, the soft padded seat covers and the 5-way flip and fold seats for multiple riding options are the attributions to the “ultimate comfort”. These are the selling points of the Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon.


It weighs 30 pounds and has dimensions of 41.5” x 18.5” x 13.8” (L x W x H). It is spacious enough and can carry two children easily with plenty of room left for their play.

Though it could not be folded for traveling, it is not difficult to stow it in the truck of the SUV. If you have smaller car, make sure you know the size of the wagon first before purchase. It is to ensure you have no problem transporting the wagon for outdoor trips.

Steel Wheels Performance

The wagon uses 10” extra-large Dura-Tred tires that make the ride peaceful and noise-free. The tires are made from foam-type material somewhat similar to rubber that is easy on sand and grass. The wheels are wide apart and sturdy enough to give a balanced ride to the wagon.

It pulls smoothly and firmly and you can easily take it along with you full-loaded up to 200 lbs.

However, as the tires are not pneumatic you will need more effort on soft sand – on the beach.

Removable Canopy

The Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon has a removable UV blocking canopy that is capable of protecting your little ones from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Thus, you can remove the red stylish canopy if the weather is not too hot and your kids want to explore the surroundings.

However, it is better to decide earlier whether you want to use the canopy or not, because once you are out you will have to carry it in your hands. The canopy is quite durable and attached to the wagon through four thin sticks. If you live in an area where heat and sunlight are an issue, this canopy is quite handy.

Other model such as the all-terrain wagon is a stand-alone model that comes without the canopy. If you like plastic-made wagon and maximum versatility with canopy as a bundle, the Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon is the wagon for you.

Controlled Turning Radius

The handle does not attach directly to the front wheel axle, instead it attaches to the body and that makes the pulling securer. You can pull the wagon on the beach and take many turns, as the ride is quite smooth. It will not tip even once because of the featured controlled turning radius.

The handle can be comfortably folded into the wagon for easy storage.

Putting the Wagon Together

There are only a few pieces of this toy wagon and thus you do not have to spend a lot of time in putting them together.

Putting the wheels is a breeze. Make sure you must hammer the caps on the wheels so that it will not wobble during ride. However, you may need help from another person who would hold the wagon while you put the wheels.

However, just a word of caution; read the instructions before you assemble the wheels. Do not interchange the L and R wheels as it will not match well. This might cause the wagon to tip when making full turn. So, make sure the left and right steel wheels match to their respective sides of the body.

Check the label on the steel wheels, make sure you can see “L” and “R” and put it right the very first time.

As for the handle, it is already attached to the body. So, there is nothing much to worry on this.

It will take you around 30 to 45 minutes to put the whole wagon together and then your kids will be able to ride in it happily.

Comfort & Durability

As the name suggests, this wagon is the most comfortable one out of the other Radio Flyer wagons.

There are two seats for a total of five configurations.

  1. If you have two children, you can make them sit facing one another.
  2. If you have one child to sit in the wagon, you can use the other seat as a table as well as for storage space.
  3. The third configuration is to flip down the other seat for a covered storage.
  4. Next if you like to have more storage area on one side, flip up the seat to create uncovered storage and stack up the stuff.
  5. Lastly, if you want to make a flatbed, all you have to do is to flip both of the seats. You little one can sleep on it.

The padded covers of the seats are machine washable. One of the padded covers has a big pocket that can accommodate some essentials while the other padded cover has two Velcro pockets.

Comparison: Ultimate Comfort Wagon vs Ultimate Family Wagon

If you have been looking for a comfortable wagon for the kids for any length of time, you might have come across a similar model – Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon.

It has the same size and all the features of the Ultimate Comfort Wagon but it does not come with the expandable storage bag that attaches to the back of the seat and the padded seat covers.

The Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon is a cheaper version of the Ultimate Comfort Wagon, so it goes with the reviews. In reality, the Ultimate Comfort Wagon is the champion seller that always provide more comfort for the kids.

In all honesty, I would not recommend you to go for the cheaper version.

But whichever model you choose, it is always a personal choice.

To check out the Ultimate Comfort Wagon, click here. For Ultimate Family Wagon, click here.


There is a large storage bag attached to the back that is capable of storing all the essential items that you need to take along at the beach, zoo, or anywhere. It can hold up to 25 lbs.

This storage is a type of an open trunk that is large enough to accommodate a small diaper bag too, or carry the padded seat covers if you decide to flip the seats and make a play surface. You can also fold it away if you do not want to use it.

Underneath the bag, there is a metal frame that can go inside the wagon.

There are two kid’s cup holders and two adult’s cup holders at either side of the front.

The handle is designed to fold over the wagon for easy storage. Although it is not like folding wagon that you can fold and carry along, it is not difficult to stow it in the truck of the car.

Unlike the metal wagons that can rust over time if it is left outdoor, this all-plastic Ultimate Comfort Wagon is immune to rain. I’m not saying that it will not degrade if you leave it outdoor in the rain all year long; it is just that it can be put under stress for a longer time as opposed to metal and wood materials.

Regardless of the materials, it is advisable to store it indoor for longevity.


The red canopy is part of the accessories as it depends on you whether to use it or not.

The removable padded seat covers are also provided and you can keep them inside the storage bag when not in use.

This wagon comes with everything you need for any outdoor trips – park, zoo and beach. There are no other accessories necessary to purchase. The Ultimate Comfort Wagon by Radio Flyer is a choice the kids will surely adore.

Unpacking Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

Included in this review is the Ultimate Comfort Wagon from unpacking to fitting the parts. Imagine a lady can complete the assembly without any helping hands.


  • It offers a comfortable and safe riding as padded seats, seatbelts and canopy are provided.
  • The cup holders are provided that come in quite handy for placing drinks and water for the ride.
  • The canopy protects the children from harmful rays of sun.
  • The expandable rear storage back is ideal for taking toys and other essential stuff with you on the go.
  • Front axles are designed in such a way that the rider experiences a smooth and tip-free ride.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The tires are not pneumatic and thus it is difficult for the parent to pull the wagon across rough or uneven surface with kids in it especially on soft sand. However, the wheels can still roll well with more effort. You just need to pull slowly through soft sand.
  • The plastic design is not as sturdy as compared to the steel and wood wagons.

Consumer Feedback and Ratings

The Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon has received amazing reviews from the customers and got high ratings on different selling websites. It receives more than 900 reviews averaging of 4.7 out of 5 stars from Amazon as of writing. The Ultimate Comfort Wagon is loved by most of the buyers because their kids love riding in it. Read reviews here.

Some customers used it as a stroller replacement and loved its smooth performance on most of the terrains. The wheels are made of foam rubber type that helps to cushion uneven ground. The wagon is sturdy and spacious and if you have one kid riding in it the other seat can turn into an eating desk.

The removable canopy is big enough to provide shade for the kids under the sun. The big rear storage bag can accommodate a lot of stuff too. However, it does not fit in a small car. All in all, money well spent.

Final Verdict

The Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon is one of the most comfortable ride-on toys on the market as they offer a safe and full-of-fun ride. This toy wagon is a must have as it comes in very handy. The extra storage areas are ideal for taking it along on a trip to the zoo, beach, park, or just anywhere.

This wagon is sturdy; surely it can last for years and with all the features included, it is certainly money well spent.

The Ultimate Comfort Wagon is the traveling comfort that your family deserves. With its seating and storage options and safety features this wagon is ready for countless adventures.