Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon Review – Best 3 Seater Wagon

Do you remember how much you loved riding a wagon as a kid? Kids loved to dragged around with their friends and siblings in a wagon. The Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon (model# 3332) is one of the newest wagons that your kids will adore. Of course, there are many other kids wagons available, but this model is specially designed for 3 riders.

Since it can easily fit in 3 riders, it is quite convenient for the parents to take the kids on trips that require excessive walking, as the kids tend to tire easily or sometimes get so hyperactive that there is a tendency for them to wander. A wagon does make things easier in more ways than one.

Among the various options including design and features, one that you will find worth consideration is the Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon. Check it out.

Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon Under $200 – Design & Features

At first glance, the design looks rather simple. But Radio Flyer has endeavored to ensure the design not only simple and sleek but it must be durable as well.

With 1 child seating in the front and 2 children seating at the rear, the Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon is perfect for a 3 seater wagon. And the body is made of hard plastic to withstand daily rigors. The recommended age range is 18 months and up.

As this large wagon is designed for 3 riders, it actually means 3 little kids. A medium size kid and a small kid will also fully occupy the wagon.

Since the basic purpose of this wagon is to carry the kids, it is important to make sure that enough attention is paid to safety measures. You would not want your kids to be placed in the realms of danger. This Triple Play Wagon comes with 3 seatbelts to ensure optimal child safety during the ride.

There are a total of 6 cup holders. 4 cup holders are inside the body for the children and 2 cup holders are located outside for parents (behind the single seat).

Need to carry some snacks and other goodies along? The extra-large expandable rear storage bag comes in handy to bring the ride more enjoyable for the family. It can be folded away when not in use. You do not have to purchase extra storage bag, this bag alone is large enough and it can withstand weight up to 25 lbs.

Dimensions & Capacity

This wagon measures 41.125″ L x 24.25″ W x 19.55″ H and weighs 23 lbs. With a maximum capacity of 200 lbs, it is capable of fitting in as many as three riders with a lot of ease. This makes outdoor trips so convenience, kids love riding in it.

The single seat dimension is 13.75″ L x 6.75″ W and the double seat is 20.5″ L x 6.75″ W. Looking from the top, the body looks like a U shape with the bottom being smaller. This is what makes it so unique.

You also have the option of hauling heavy items in it owing to the large capacity that it is provided with.

However, as this is a big wagon, it is advisable to ensure it can fit in the back of your car, SUV or van prior to purchase. If you have a Dodge Caravan or Honda Pilot, then you are in luck. Click here to check the price.

The Wheels

Bumpy rides could be rather uncomfortable for the kids and might take the fun out of things. With the 10-inch Dura Tred tires, this wagon is capable of providing the kids with a smooth and quiet ride on grass, sand, and sidewalk.

However, do note that the wheels are not pneumatic. Be gentle and pull slowly on the uneven surface. There was a case whereby the plastic parts that hold the wheels broke when struggling on the uneven surface, thus rendering the wheels unusable. It could be a rare situation, but there is nothing to lose to be careful.


The handle is attached to the body and can be folded when not in use, which means it does not take up a lot of space while storing. You would be able to keep the wagon away at a corner with a lot of ease.


The Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon does not come with UV protected canopy. You have to purchase it separately. Since this wagon is mostly used for outdoor trips, getting a canopy is a wise choice. Keep your kids away from harmful sun rays.

Alternatively, you may consider an umbrella instead of the canopy.


A close look at the Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon reveals that it is equipped with a lot of features that make it worthy of being purchased. It has quite a few benefits to offer.

  • It pays attention to the safety of the kids and is thus provided with seat belts. The seat belts along with the smooth ride that it offers will make sure that the safety of the kids is not compromised at any moment.
  • It is provided with a sturdy and durable construction that ensures that you would not have to look for a replacement anytime soon.
  • Storage is easy and convenient.
  • Assembling the wagon is not something that would pose difficulty for you and would not require you to acquire outside help.


There are some areas where the 3 seater wagon fails to impress and leaves room for improvement.

  • It does not contain a canopy owing to which you will not be able to use it in all weathers.

Consumer Feedback and Ratings

It is always advisable to purchase any product after taking a close look at the reviews that it has managed to achieve. The reviews that this Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon has got put up a strong case in its favor.

It has managed to acquire an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars which is sufficient to tell you that it has managed to impress people with everything that it offers.

Let’s go through some of the positive feedback:

  • This 3 seater wagon is big, sturdy and has plenty of leg room for 3 kids in it.
  • It can be used to replace the double or triple strollers and rolls well in gravel, sand, and sidewalk.
  • The large storage bag is spacious and it can accommodate lots of stuff.
  • Assembly is a breeze; a mom accomplished it in 30 minutes.
  • The seat belts work great along with all the cup holders.
  • All in all, this wagon makes an excellent buy.

How about the negative ones?

  • Hope it comes with a canopy.
  • It was observed that the plastic doesn’t seem as durable as the two seater wagon and the wheels are narrower.
  • Also, there is a concern with the back wheels, because they are exposed and the kids can easily grab the wheels while in motion. Parents must educate the kids not to touch the wheels when they are seated.

The design is not perfect and needs improvement. In our opinion, the back wheels need to be covered to an extent that can prevent the kids from touching when seated. Although this is a minor case, little improvement can help to enhance the safety of the kids.

In the meantime, parents may need to be more alert while pulling the wagon.

Based on its unique design, this product would manage to attain a high level of popularity that few would be able to compete against.

Final Verdict

It is apparent that this Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon does not give much room to complain, other than a minor case. Therefore, if you are looking for a wagon that your kids would be able to ride with ease, this is an option that would not disappoint.

Generally, it is safe for the kids and is also durable. You will find it worth every dime and should be certain that you will be able to use it for long.

It would not give you a reason to complain and you would not regret your purchase since this 3 seater wagon has a lot to offer and that too at an affordable price. This is the kind of product that you will find worth the hype.

Video Demonstration

Below is a short video demonstration of the Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon.