2 Excellent Reasons Why Radio Flyer Toys are the Best Toys for Kids?

You probably remember the little red wagon that you had when you were a child. Your parents probably pulled you around in it when you all have gone on a stroll: or, perhaps, you pulled your things around in it for fun.

You might have even pulled your friends in it while racing down the street. Whatever you have done with your toy wagon, you thought it to be a whole lot of fun. Your fond memories has even made you think about getting a toy wagon for your child, so you and your child can live these same experiences that you and your parents had when you were small.

But did you know that there is an interesting history that is behind the children’s wagon that we all love so much? As a matter of fact, the little red wagon that so many children love so much has a very long history that dates back to ancient civilization.

The Toy Wagon from the Ancient Time

The toy wagon dates back to Ancient Egypt. During this time, these toy wagons were of a simple build. Children rarely cared about the wagon’s design during those days. Their main objective was to have a fun time, and this is what they did.

When archaeologists excavated Egyptian tombs belonging to children, they typically found a toy wagon among many of their other possessions.

Toy wagons were also very popular among children in Ancient Greece. These toy wagons were constructed with one or two wheels, and they were pushed by a long pole.

Children during these times had loads of fun with these wagons, pushing objects, as well as their friends. They did all of the same things with toy wagons that we have done and our children do today.

The Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks were not the only ones to use toy wagons in early times. The Aztecs and the Mayans also had toy wagons that were used in play.

These wagons were not used for anything else except for children’s entertainment, and they were built in a plain and simple fashion, only being one color, as well as being just a plain box with wheels and a handle. Designs of toy wagons did not become creative until the 1800’s.

During the 1800’s, children’s wagons were designed in numerous ways. Some of these toy wagons had seats and a top, designed like that of a carriage. There were even red wagons that were fancy in appearance.

Other wagons were simply wooden carts that just had four wheels and a long handle by which it was pulled, and these were made of wood or metal. Toy wagons did not become popular until the 1920’s, when an Italian toy maker made them a total hit all over the world.

Nowadays, the design of the wagons has evolved to folding type. The folding wagon is a good example – to haul garden equipment as well as the beach gear.

Who Created Radio Flyer Wagon?

In 1923, Antonio Pasin, an Italian toy maker, made history with his version of the toy wagon, known as the Radio Flyer. These children’s wagons were made out of wood and were mass-produced at his toy shop. He presented these toy wagons at the world fair in 1933 to show it off, and it was this showing that increased its popularity.

2 Reasons Why Radio Flyer Toys are the Best

Radio Flyer has long been a name associated with greatness in toy manufacturing. They are most well known for their red wagon design although they make many other toys.

There are two reasons why Radio Flyer toys are the best of their kind.

First, they are well made and steeped in tradition. Second, they are safe and ever evolving.

When the first Radio Flyer Wagon was introduced in 1917 it was made of steel.

Today these well-known wagons come in an assortment of materials including wood and plastic. This makes them more durable, long-lasting and easy to clean than some of the competition.

Radio Flyer has long been associated with well made, long lasting toys. Many heirloom toys that are passed from generation to generation are Radio Flyer toys because they stand up to the wear and tear brought on by kids and their play.

If you look through your grandfather’s garage or your uncle’s storage building for toys you are most likely to find at least one that has survived, and it would be a Radio Flyer wagon or tricycle.

Another reason that these toys are the best and favored by many is that they are safe and ever-evolving to meet safety standards. You won’t find Radio Flyer products on a recall list for lead paint or other manufacturing mistakes.

Radio Flyer toys have been held to the highest standard since the company first began 100 years ago. From the tricycle to the wagon to the rocking horse, Radio Flyer makes sure that all of their products are not only fun to play with but safe as well.

These are just two of the excellent reasons that Radio Flyer toys are the best of their kind on the market and why generations to come will favor these toys over other similar ones to buy for their children.

They have one of the most recognizable names in the toy manufacturing business and have been forever memorialized in movies and television. When any kid thinks of a wagon the first one to come to mind is the Radio Flyer prototype.

This is why Radio Flyer toys will always be the best toys forever.