Having wagons for kids to use, ride in and play with has its advantages. As children get older it gets more difficult to transport them in carriages or strollers. Today’s wagons are a far cry from the wagons of the old but the famous Radio Flyer is still in vogue. It still comes in the basic red model we are probably all familiar with. One of the wagons you may find worth taking a look at is the Radio Flyer Town and Country Wagon. It has been introduced and manufactured for more than 30 years and is still in high demand.

Other companies, such as John Deere and Step 2, have entered the market for kids’ wagons. There are now many models to choose from and each has its advantages. If you’re looking for a versatile and sturdy wagon, then continue to read this Radio Flyer Town and Country Wagon review to make an informed buying decision. Or to check the price offer – CLICK HERE.

Radio Flyer Town and Country Wagon – Design and Features

This wagon (model# 24) is neither the biggest nor the smallest of all Radio Flyer wagons. It is considered a medium to large size wagon many kids will adore.

The body is crafted of natural finished hardwood with 4 removable side panels. The wheels, handle, and the under carriage are made of steel.

This wagon is also designed to keep fingers safeguarded from getting pinched. Also, the controlled turning is set to a certain limit to prevent tipping.

This is one of the safety features built-in to keep kids safe.

Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Product Award

The Town and Country wagon has won Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Product Award. It’s very encouraging for parents to look for a kid’s wagon that are both entertaining and safe for the little ones.

The criteria to get the award are based on:

  • Product affordability
  • Is it worth buying?
  • Lasting “play value”
  • Appropriate and fun
  • Meet safety standards

Other than this, the Radio Flyer has obtained many awards for their different products and models, including Parents’ Choice Award, The National Parenting Publications Gold Award, and the CBS Morning Toy Test Award.

Dimensions and Capacity

The body is 36″ long, 16.5″ wide and 9.5″ high and weighs about 32 lbs. If you minus the width of the 4 wooden side panels, the interior body dimensions is 32.75″ x 13.5″.

The steel wheels come with real rubber tires for smooth and quiet ride on grass, sand, and dirt.

It looks similar to All-Terrain Cargo Wagon except for the wheels – the standard 10-inch steel wheels with rubber tires (not pneumatic tires) which also features in many of the Radio Flyer wagons such as the Classic Red Wagon, Ultimate Comfort Wagon and many more.

One of the minor drawbacks of this wagon without pneumatic wheels is that the maximum weight capacity is only 150 lbs. But it’s never a problem even with 2 oversized kids in it from age range 1.5 to 8 years old.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Rubber Tires

There is no right or wrong to choose the steel wheels with rubber tires but you can save the hassle to inflate the air tires over time once the air starts to leak.

However, as compared to air tires from some of the All-Terrain Wagons, you will expect more effort to pull on soft sand and rough terrain.

No worries. The trick is to pull it slowly and try not to overload the wagon with heavy stuff especially on soft sand (on the beach).

No Seat Belts

Unlike most of the plastic wagons, the Radio Flyer Town and Country Wagon does not come with seatbelts. This implies that older kids who ride in it must know the safety implications to avoid injuries.

For smaller kids, they must be supervised at all times. An adult doing the pulling must always ensure smaller kids are well seated during the ride.

Although it doesn’t come with seatbelts, there are some improvised methods you can implement. Either uses the straps or a long belt as a form of seatbelt for added safety during ride. It’s not perfect but certainly helps.


The sides are painted with bright red with iconic logo “Radio Flyer” and model name “Town and Country” on it. Radio Flyer does a good job proudly to remind everyone the iconic Red Wagon of the American childhood.

Since the body is made of wood it is advisable to keep it indoor from exposure to rain. You may use a tarp to cover it when not in use. It will last you for many years to come.

Advantage of Removable Side Panels

The advantage of the removable side panels will enable the kids to move into the wagon swiftly and safely without stepping over the sides. Rest assured that the kids will not trip over with this feature.

The wooden sides are 9.5” high; that’s also ensure the kids will not be thrown out during ride on bouncy terrain.

More Than a Kids’ Wagon

The Town and Country Wagon have multiple uses. Remove the side panels and turn it into a classic red wagon. Feel free to haul heavy stuff on the hardwood flatbed as a utility or garden wagon.

This is especially true when you want the kids to help out in the garden or one day your kids have already outgrown this classic toy wagon. By then many kids’ wagons have turned into a utility wagon if it still survives years of rugged abuses.

So take care of it. It could be your best gardening asset.

Just as a kids’ wagon, with or without the side panels, this wagon can provide countless hours of leisure time for the kids.

Let’s watch a short video demonstrating the Radio Flyer Town and Country Wagon in action. For everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Easy Storage

Most of the Radio Flyer Wagons come with extra-long handle to ease pulling and turning as well. It can be folded under the wagon for easy storage. Since a wagon is not something you would use on a daily basis, storage is something that needs to be given attention to and therefore, this is a feature of this wagon worth praising.

Some people worried about the portability of this big wagon. The advantage of the removable sides actually provides mobility as you can separate the sides and the body to slot into the back of any small car.

Most of the plastic wagons do not have this feature so this wagon is something worth considering.


Any product that is provided with substantial warranty gives the indication that the manufacturers are confident of their product and thus are willing to stand by it.

Radio Flyer warrants its products free from defects for two years if you registered with Radio Flyer within one year of the date of original purchase. This is sufficient to tell you that longevity is not a feature that you would find lacking in it. You would not have to look for an alternative anytime soon.

Some of Radio Flyer Wagon’s owners proudly “showcase” their decades old Town and Country Wagon to the young ones and made comparisons between the brand new and older wagon. Everything looks the same except for the quality.

We know that it is never “Made in USA” anymore in order to stay competitive but the fact that Radio Flyer provides two years warranty should be evident to stand by their quality.

Accessories You May Consider

Storage Bag

One of the accessories that would enhance the convenience to haul some goodies for outdoor activities is to get a storage bag. However, you would have to purchase the storage bag separately.

Alternatively you can save some money if you get a small backpack as a replacement. A kid’s back bag will do the trick. I find it more versatile to use a backpack as this can also serve as storage bag on the go instead of the original Radio Flyer bag that always stick to the wagon.


This model also comes with UV protection canopy bundle as an option. The canopy is easy to set up and secure with 4 clamps to hold on to the wagon securely.


There is an umbrella that can use to replace the canopy if you want but the coverage if much less. This umbrella is a universal model that can also use on many wagons.

If the wagon is more for outdoor activities, then getting a canopy or the umbrella is a wise decision. It protects the kids from harmful sun rays and the rain, too.

Assembly Instructions

The assembly instructions required 16 steps to complete. It’s straight forward to assemble if you have some experience doing so. There are screws and nuts to secure the braces and the wagon so get the right tools ready before the work.

You will need basic tools like hammer, flat screw driver, plier and adjustable wrench. This is a one time job and requires one hour or less to assemble.

I couldn’t find any quick reference of the assembly instructions in any of the review site out there so I though it is time to include it here. You may or may not find it useful but I believe it will surely provide a simple guideline to first-timers.

Below is the brief summary of the assembly instructions.

  1. Prepare your tools ready to assemble.
  2. Check and count all the parts according to the manual.
  3. Check and count all the bolts and nuts according to the manual.
  4. Read the warning instruction.
  5. Assemble the metal body frame.
  6. Tighten the braces with bolts and nuts.
  7. Mount the braces to the wooden flatbed.
  8. Secure the braces with the correct parts.
  9. Tighten the braces with bolts and nuts.
  10. Read the warning instruction.
  11. Assemble and secure the wheels.
  12. Assemble the handle.
  13. Tighten all the 10 metal brackets for holding the side panels on the body.
  14. Slot in the 2 side panels. One for the left side and one for the back.
  15. Slot in another 2 side panels. One for the right side and one for the front.
  16. Test handle is able to fold under the wagon. Mission accomplished.

No sweat! Although this is a big wagon, the assembly is nothing more than a simple, straight forward of joining parts together.  A teenager who can fix a broken toy will find this assembly process a breeze.

Tip: You could speed it up by using a small battery-powered hand drill to drive in the screws.


Numerous features work in favor of this product and serve to entice one to buy this wagon.

  • It has a high capacity which allows you to carry maximum stuff in one go.
  • Easy for storage as the sides can be removed and stored. It will take up less space as compared to non-removable side panel wagons.
  • Optimal convenience and versatility.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is durable.


There are some areas where there is room for improvement.

  • The assembling, although being easy, tends to take up quite a bit of time as compared to some smaller wagons.

Consumer Feedback and Ratings

On the whole, the Radio Flyer Town and Country Wagon has managed to satisfy most of the people who have used this. This is apparent from the fact that it has managed to acquire an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars by the users.

People have liked what they got and it managed to live up to their expectations for the most part.

It is a sturdy and reliable wagon. The Town and Country wagon is the only approved wagon used in children’s hospital to transport children around.

However, some users discovered the package came with cracked wooden bed but it was replaced promptly.

The only thing that needs to be worked upon by the manufacturers is the packaging of the product which is far from being perfect.

Once it is taken care of, there is nothing to stop this wagon being perfect. It would manage to win the heart of all those who purchase and use it. The problem with packaging is that it makes people wary of what is inside and thus this is something that could cause the popularity of the product decline and therefore needs to be dealt with.

Final Verdict

It is apparent from the reviews that the product is not the kind of purchase that you would be disappointed with. If you are on the lookout for a wagon that has removable sides, high capacity and solid quality, this is something that you would find worth consideration. >> CHECK IT OUT <<

It is affordable, offers you a great deal of convenience, and would last for a long time. Thus, you can consider your money well spent if you purchase this product. The Radio Flyer Town and Country Wagon would give you everything you are looking for and more.