Ride on toys is very beneficial for a kid’s physical and mental health as they give them confidence and build their fine motor skills. Of course, gone are the days when kids used to race without any pads or helmets, but they still enjoy the ride on toys (including the kids’ wagons). The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon is a robust and classic toy wagon that offers a smooth and bump-free ride on any terrain.

This beautiful steel and wood wagon is designed to have a fun and adventurous ride both on and off the road. It is a full-size wagon with wooden stake sides and rugged tires to handle different bumpy and uneven surfaces.

This pull-along wagon is ideal for kids over 18 months old. It has won the National Parenting Publications Award too.

In this review, I will touch upon the main features and pros and cons of this all-terrain wagon.

The Robust Steel & Wood Body

Kids just love the idea of sitting in a wagon and being pulled, whether you are going to a zoo, a beach, or on a short trip to the park.

The sides and body of this wagon are made up of wood and painted red. Unlike the All-Terrain Town and Country Wagon, the wooden sides of this model are designed to be permanently bolted to the metal flatbed.

If you remove the wooden sides manually (not recommended), you will be left with a flatbed. Thus, the sides are removable only if you needed to and the flatbed can also be used alone.

This Full-Size All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon is made up of best quality materials such as seamless metal and natural wood instead of ordinary plastic.

The wood and steel combination adds to the beauty of the wagon and also makes it sturdier as compared to others. It has no scratch edges, and the no-pinch ball joint saves the fingers from being hurt.

The Pneumatic Tires

The steel wheels are capable of handling an adventurous ride anywhere; be it on the road or any rough surface.

The rugged pneumatic tires have dimensions of 10 X 3.5 inches and will easily survive any type of surface whether you pull the wagon on the road, firm ground, terrain, sand, or concrete, it will run smoothly on these surfaces.

The Radio Flyer Wagon All-Terrain Wheels are quite widely parted and this makes the wagon run smoothly and stably.

The rims are made up of steel and the tires are pneumatic, filled with air just like a car’s tire is. These air tires will take the kids to a wide variety of surfaces with no problem and the kids will enjoy a smooth ride.

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon pulls pretty well on the beach (on soft sand), thanks to the air tires. This is one of the most crucial features for all-terrain wagon.

Easy Assembly

This All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon is very simple to put together. All you have to do is attach the handle, side panels, wheels, and inflate the tires.

If you have one kid, you have the option of attaching only the back panel for support and leave the front one unattached. But it is always advisable to attach all the side panels to prevent kids throwing out of the wagon on bumpy terrain.

It will take only half an hour to remove the wagon from the box and assemble it. You can also ask your kids to help you out because the whole assembly process is very easy.

Of course, do read the assembly instructions first before you assemble it.

Comfort & Durability

The wagon can hold two kids comfortably and sometimes even three kids can be accommodated. It is designed to withstand the daily rigors and abuse of long trips and can offer a smooth ride for years like the Radio Flyer Big Red Classic ATW.

However, there are no seats or puddings, and the inside of the wagon is plain. But you can use a blanket or cushion if you think your kid needs more comfort.

Controlled Turning Radius

This pull-along wagon features a controlled turning radius that prevents the wagon from tipping on rough and bumpy surfaces.

The handle is an integral part of this toy wagon and is connected to the axle. The handle is extra-long and makes the pulling experience easier.

Your kid can pull it easily for a long time. It will not put any strain on his/her spine. Both kids and parents will enjoy pulling this wagon on any terrain.


The body is extra-large and the sides are 10” high to protect your little ones from falling.

The bed is 37.25” long with enough space for two kids to sit.

The width of this wagon is 18.5” and it can carry a weight of 200 lbs. This wagon weighs about 36.6 lbs which is much heavier than all the plastic wagons.

The weight itself ensures more stability on bumpy terrain as compared to other lightweight wagons. You would consider this a plus in terms of safety for the kids.

As with most of the other models, it can be stored easily as the handle can be folded beneath the body so it would not take any extra space.

However, taking this wagon for outdoor trips is not as convenience as the collapsible folding wagon. Although it can easily fit into the trunk of an SUV or van, do make sure you know its dimension first before making a purchase.


This Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon does not come with any accessory but it is recommended to buy the UV protection canopy or the umbrella together as one package.

The curved canopy and the 29” umbrella can be easily clamped on to the sides of a wagon in seconds and off you go for a sunny ride. You may also consider seat pads for the kids to sit on comfortably.


  • The pneumatic tires are capable of taking the wagon to a smooth ride.
  • The body is made up of seamless steel and non-scratch design.
  • The controlled turning radius keeps the wagon from tipping.
  • The classic handle are extra-long but make the storage easier by folding beneath the wagon. The handle make it easier for both on and off the road rides.
  • The ride on toy wagon can easily be pulled to different types of surfaces such as terrains, roads, concrete, sand, and firm grounds.
  • The wagon has plenty of room to carry two kids on an adventurous ride.The no-pinch ball joint keeps the fingers protected.
  • It is extremely durable and can withstand the abuse of daily trips for many years.
  • The toy wagon is sturdier than the common plastic wagons.


  • The 10-inch tires get flat easily and the parents have to go through a hassle of inflating them again.
  • When the wagon is used at full capacity, it gets difficult to pull it.

Consumer Feedback and Ratings

According to the customer reviews, it is one of the largest and best kids’ wagons on the market. It receives more than one thousand reviews averaging 4.5 stars. Based on the ratings it is undoubtedly a top selling wagon for years.

What is worth mentioning is the high rails that will ensure safely ride and the big wheels will definitely provide smooth and comfortable journey.

The good thing is that it has enough space to carry two kids or even four small children. Most parents loved the foldable handle feature as it makes it easier to fold the wagon.

But one drawback is that the wheels are held on by buttons, expected to drop out easily.

Some customers complained about the bad smell from the tires initially but overall it’s a good purchase.

It was also suggested to include a wheel lock to secure the wagon along the slope. While it’s a good idea to implement additional safety feature, it would also add up the product cost.

In general, most parents wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for the wheel lock if Radio Flyer really adds this safety feature to it. Safety comes first.

There are mixed reviews for the metal body – some complained it is thin and flimsy but others considered it acceptable.

Why Would You Like to Buy Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon?

  • The metal flatbed would last for many years if it is well taken care of.
  • The sturdy steel frame makes it a heavy duty all-terrain wagon.
  • The air tires always provide a smooth ride on any terrain.
  • The wooden side panels are bolted permanently to the metal body to prevent kids from removing it during the ride.
  • The high sides will prevent kids from throwing out of the wagon on bumpy terrain.

Final Verdict

The Radio Flyer Full Size All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon has won many awards and is trusted by many parents worldwide.

This wagon develops a sense of exploration and confidence in the children and is beneficial for a child’s mental and physical health.

It encourages group play and allows the children to play and be creative in different ways. The All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon is quite durable and robust. Therefore it is capable of running on all types of rough and uneven surfaces.

It stands the test of time with more than 1000 reviews. The price is very reasonable and the pros clearly outweigh the cons. That’s the reason this wagon sells so well ahead of many other models. Check It Out.